Which Animal Do You Want To Help?

Thinking of making a donation this winter? Wild at Heart particularly needs:

-upright dollies
-square shovels
-alfalfa, hay, and straw
-flat bed dollies
-corn brooms
-pitch forks


We love a bit of everything – frozen fruits and vegetables, cracked corn, unflavoured meat (small minnows, fish, chicken, turkey, ground beef), live insects and farm food (donate here), eggs…whatever you can donate! Sometimes we also need medical treatments and wing wraps (donate here to finance live-saving medical procedures).

SMALL AND MEDIUM MAMMALS (squirrels, foxes, raccoons, hares)

We are Wild at Heart’s most frequent admission – over 500 in 2017 alone! We need species-specific formula (donate money here), frozen vegetables and fruit, small frozen minnows, spiceless ground beef/chicken/fish, unsalted nuts, Kleenex, and wood shavings. Don’t forget you can symbolically adopt a red fox, raccoon, porcupine, or striped skunk too!


Each year, three species of turtles (snapping, painted, and Blanding’s (pictured)) are admitted with shell fractures. They require medicine and heat lamps to recover (donate financially here), eat small frozen minnows, greens (lettuce, kale), and earthworms. You can also symbolically adopt a painted turtle, snapping turtle, or Blanding’s turtle.


We eat wild bird seed, unsalted sunflower seeds, cracked corn, frozen fruits and vegetables, and creamed corn (baby food jars), and pigeon pellets and live insects (donate money here). For bedding, we use disposable pee pads, Kleenex, and white paper towel.

UNGULATES (white-tailed deer and moose)

We eat a lot! We require species specific pellets and formula, so it is best to donate money, or symbolically adopt a moose or fawn to help us!

RAPTORS (owls, hawks) & LOONS

Birds of prey, and loons, require medical supplies (donate money here), and eat frozen minnows and unflavoured meat (chicken, turkey, fish, mice). Or, you can choose to symbolically adopt a snowy owl, or merlin, or common loon.


Freeze dried bloodworms (buy them here)
Disposable, non-latex medical gloves – medium and large
Straw bales
Large and small garbage bags
Wood shavings (pine)
Laundry soap (unscented)
Paper towel
Dish soap
Toilet paper
#61 HP black ink

Cash donations are always welcome (in-person or online)

Secondary Needs:

Gift cards: Walmart, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Independent Grocer
Canadian Tire money
Shredded paper

Not Needed At This Time:
Computer printer paper
Unfitted sheets
Puppy/dog kibble (any brand)
Fitted sheets and towels