2017 Wishlist

In order of need (as of June 2017):


Animal/wildlife magazines, wildlife calendars, large crafting pom-poms

Animal Care
Immediate Needs:

Freeze dried bloodworms: https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/tetra-bloodworms/6000187907550
Disposable, non-latex medical gloves – medium and large
Unsalted nuts (acorns, walnuts, peanuts)
Large garbage bags
Laundry soap (unscented)

Dish soap
Toilet Paper
#61 HP black ink

Secondary Needs:

Gift cards: Walmart, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Independent Grocer
Canadian Tire money
Computer printer paper

Frozen meat (unsalted, unflavoured)
Puppy/dog kibble (any brand)
Fruits/vegetables (fresh or frozen)
Heating pads

Pigeon/dove seed mix
Cracked corn
Straw bales
Chick starter
Creamed corn baby food jars
Q-tips (cotton swabs)

Not Needed At This Time:

Wood shavings (pine)
Paper Towel
Frozen minnows/fish 
Large sheets
Fitted sheet and towels 

Cash donations are always welcome (in-person or online)

Special Project

We are also looking to make homemade incubators for our bird room. To do this, we will need some specialty items. This will be used for very young birds so they can stay warm from the constant heat and humidity. The items include:

-2 plastic containers (Rubbermaid®) of the same size (preferably 17L, 18 gallon size)

-1 matching lid

-1 100 Watt Electronic Aquarium Heater (submersible, adjustable), Tronic®

-1 Heater Guard (100 Watt, 20 cm), Tronic®

-1 Thermometer

-Distilled water

-Hygrometer, Bionaire®