Wildlife Rehabiltation

Great Horned Owl Wing Wrap - Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart is a licensed wildlife rehabilitation centre in the province of Ontario (licensed under the auspices of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources). Under this license, we are able to provide rehabilitation to a wide variety of animals from across Northern Ontario, from mice to moose.

Rehabilitation begins when an animal is found and reported to us. We will examine the animal on arrival to determine the extent of the injury and the probability of successful rehabilitation. If it appears that the animal can make a sufficient recovery to be able to return to the wild, the animal will be fed, nurtured, provided safe temporary housing, and medically treated as necessary.

Imagine, if you will, walking into an emergency room at a human hospital or a veterinary hospital and only seeing wild animals there instead of people or dogs and cats. On any given day, we could see a bird with a broken wing, a turtle that has been hit by a car, or a litter of young animals that have been orphaned. The possibilities are endless and every day is exciting and a challenge. Daily care of wild animals can be very difficult. They cannot tell you what is wrong, they are extremely fearful, and sometimes are very aggressive. Wild animal care requires a lot of knowledge and a lot of skill. We depend on veterinary professionals, trained volunteers, and interns to help.

Pigeon Wing Wrap (Rehabilitation) - Wild at Heart

Painted Turtle Shell Scrub: Wild at Heart ''Vet Techniques''

Mallard Duck Physiotherapy - Wild at Heart

Bald Eagle Physiotherapy - Wild at Heart