Wick, the Bald Eagle, returns home!

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“Great news everyone! It’s official – I saw Wick (case 440) soaring high in the sky along with his sibling. Then I watched them both near their nest; it was Wick’s turn to push his sister/brother out of the nest this time, probably fighting over food. Now that they can fly, everyone is safe with being pushed out or falling out of the nest. I sure hope Wick is eating enough though; must take a while to learn how to catch fish, but I guess nature will decide that. I saw one of the adults fly by the nest while the two juveniles were wrestling, I imagine to drop off food. Not sure who was the recipient of the food but I know for sure that Wick is flying well and that he/she’s even strong enough to wrestle in the nest. He has learned to make the high pitched call that I presume means ‘I’m hungry’ just like his sibling has been doing for weeks every now and then throughout the day. I suppose this alerts the adults that it’s feeding time.
Thank you again for your role in us having another bald eagle in the north as Vet Jouppi would say
-Carmel, OPP Officer
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