Upcoming 2017 Calendar Sales

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Wild At Heart has had another very busy and successful summer of rehabilitating injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife. Our dedicated volunteers and interns have helped hundreds of animals, including small rodents, songbirds, large mammals, waterfowl, and everything in between! Newborn songbirds and rodents require special care, including feedings every 45-60 minutes for over 15 hours a day, stimulating, and special diets that change as the animal grows. While we are still taking in newborn wildlife, we are moving many of the animals to their outside cages where they will have less human contact, can play, and can practice hunting and climbing in a more natural setting. Many of these animals will be released in the coming weeks so they have enough time to find suitable habitat and food sources before the winter months arrive.

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All of this work would not be possible without the dedication from volunteers and interns who help with daily animal care and fundraising. As a charitable non-profit, volunteer-based organization that promotes wildlife conservation, Wild At Heart relies heavily on community support. With this support, we are able to provide quality veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, sick, or orphaned wildlife in Northern Ontario, with the goal of releasing rehabilitated animals back into the wild.


One of our main fundraisers is our annual calendar sale. These calendars feature photographs taken by our volunteers and interns, as well as educational write-ups about the animal in the picture. This year, we are asking volunteers to commit to selling 5 calendars each within their personal or work networks. These colourful and informative calendars make great gifts for the holidays, and will brighten up any office space or home area. Please contact our Education Coordinator, Monica at monica@wahrefugecentre.org with your pledge to sell 5 calendars, raising monies to help us help them.