Union Gas Partnership – Moose Pen Construction

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Wild At Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre (WAH) is the only facility of its kind in Northern Ontario. Over 900 animals are treated annually, and the number of animals in need of help are continually increasing. These include songbirds, raptors, small and large mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. WAH promotes wildlife conservation by providing veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, sick or orphaned wildlife in Northern Ontario with the goal of releasing rehabilitated animals back into the wild. WAH has four committees that work to accomplish different parts of our mission, take part in specialized projects, and help our organization continue our success. Our committees are: animal care, education, construction, and fundraising.


There are over 10 outbuildings which have been built, primarily by volunteers, to enable treatment programs for small and large mammals, as well as avian species. We have recently built a moose enclosure with professional chain link fence, a loafing pen, and running water in a small creek. Over the summer of 2016, this moose pen was leveled and cleared of brush to help prevent the risk of injury to any calves in our care. Metal doors were added to the front of the pen to provide a safe area for the calves to rest overnight. To ensure the pen overall is predator-proof, 1000 liner feet of hardware cloth skirting (see photos below) will be installed, made possible because of a generous $1000.00 donation from Union Gas. This donation, along with a volunteer team working to make repairs on the pen and pen shelter, will allow WAH to safely house any orphaned moose calves brought in the spring of 2017 (anticipated completion date).
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