Surprise Fox Visit!

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“We released the little vixen that was taken to Wild at Heart a couple months back after capturing it due to severe mange – it would not have survived the brutal 6 weeks of winter ahead at that time. Thank you to your dedicated volunteers who are all so caring for our wildlife!

After Wild at Heart’s treatments and return to good health of an animal, we do ‘soft releases’, leaving a bit of food at or near the release site for a week or two to help the animal get ‘acquainted’ to being back in nature.

We always try to select suitable habitat away from built-up areas to give them a better chance of survival. We also try to set up a trail cam on the site to determine if the animal is coming to the food or what other wildlife appears. When we get fewer appearances of the released animal, we stop feeding. Sometimes they never come back to the release site; sometimes they return several times over the couple weeks then we stop feeding.

Using a trail camera, we got lots of pictures. I was scanning through and found quite a few of a healthy fox then found this one picture of 2 FOXES IN THE SAME FRAME!!! I am fairly certain that the recent release is the smaller one and the larger even healthier one is the one we released in the same area just last fall also after treatment for mange. Nice to see she found a friend!”

-Jim, Elliot Lake


You can support the recovery of future mangey, injured, orphaned, and emaciated foxes brought to Wild at Heart by symbolically adopting one here. Each package comes with a fact sheet, donation letter, artist card, volunteer-drawn photo (pictured below), and personalized certificate.