Scout Ventures – Jan. 19/17 Education Workshop

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Wild at Heart had a great night with the Scout Ventures for an education workshop on Wednesday, January 18th, 2017. After a presentation introducing Wild at Heart and some of the animals we’ve cared for, the Ventures broke into small groups (below):


Our education volunteers Amanda (L), Anna, and Sarah (R) led workshop activities that focused on x-ray analysis, water pollution and remediation, and bioaccumulation of pesticides in top predators like bald eagles. The volunteers have all volunteered as animal care interns for Wild at Heart, so they were able to answer any questions the Scouts and leaders had. Thank you for your hard work ladies!










Students learned about the effect urbanization and farming can have on a water system, and how seemingly harmless individual actions can have a cumulative negative effect (below).

Wild at Heart’s workshops are aligned with the Ontario Curriculum for Science and Technology, Arts, and Social Studies for grades 1-9, and include a PowerPoint, photos and videos of the animals in our care, and an interactive component if you prefer (activity, game, or craft). These presentations are 30- and 60- minutes long. Each workshop attendee should bring an item off our online wishlist or $5.

Available workshops:

  • Birds – waterfowl, corvids, songbirds, and raptors (species of special concern spotlight: bald eagle)
  • Turtles – threatened species spotlight (Blanding’s turtle)
  • Mammals – local species, habitat destruction
  • Ecosystem management – pollution, urban wildlife interactions, pesticides
  • Veterinary care – activities around wing wraps, casts, physiotherapy, x-rays, parasites, and medication. Generally presented to older ages.
  • Pollinators – focus on declining honeybee and monarch populations in Canada
  • General animal care – introduction to Wild at Heart. Can be used for starting a school fundraising campaign.

If you are interested in a school or community group presentation, please contact We try our best to accommodate presentation requests between 8am-8pm. French presentations may be available.