Manitoulin Transport makes significant donation to wildlife centre in Lively

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GORE BAY – Manitoulin Transport has made a significant donation of $50,000 to the Wild at Heart Refuge Centre in Lively. The funds will go toward upgraded housing facilities for deer, moose and elk that need care.

“I took a tour of Wild at Heart a couple of weeks ago and saw the tremendous facilities they have for rehabilitating recovering animals, birds, turtles, mammals, bird species, reptiles and others.” said Jeff Smith vice president of Manitoulin Transport. “I was impressed with the great work they are doing, for instance to rehabilitate turtles who have had their shells damaged.”
Mr. Smith explained, “we realize the impact our trucks being on the road have on the wildlife. Animals get hurt or worse in collisions. We felt with all this in mind this would be a great way to give back.”

“The funds we donated will be going toward a new pen for deer, moose and elk,” said Mr. Smith. Plans call for the creation of a new, proper enclosure for deer, along with a barn that will provide access to both that pen and the bigger moose pen. The shelter often takes in orphaned fawns and calves.