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Wick, the Bald Eagle, returns home!

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“Great news everyone! It’s official – I saw Wick (case 440) soaring high in the sky along with his sibling. Then I watched them both near their nest; it was Wick’s turn to push his sister/brother out of the nest this time, probably fighting over food. Now that they can fly, everyone is safe with being pushed out or falling out of the nest. I sure hope Wick is eating enough though; must take a while to learn how to catch fish, but I guess nature will decide that. I saw one of the adults fly by the nest while the two juveniles were wrestling, I imagine to drop off food. Not sure who was the recipient of the food but I know for sure that Wick is flying well and that he/she’s even strong enough to wrestle in the nest. He has learned to make the high pitched call that I presume means ‘I’m hungry’ just like his sibling has been doing for weeks every now and then throughout the day. I suppose this alerts the adults that it’s feeding time.
Thank you again for your role in us having another bald eagle in the north as Vet Jouppi would say
-Carmel, OPP Officer
Help Wild at Heart get other wildlife home by donating to our Go Fund Me.

July 16-18th summer camp: photos

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A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made Wild at Heart’s first summer camp a success last week! Campers explored Wild at Heart’s animal care areas and pollinator garden, learned about owl rehabilitation and owl pellets, and so much more!

This camp was made possible because of: Delta Bingo and Gaming, Herby Enterprises, Orion Printing, and Kayla, Marlee, Maia, Natasha, Steph, Saoirse, and Monica.







L to R: game time, bug workshop with Junction Creek







L to R: decorated boxes, dissecting owl pellets







L to R: dissecting owl pellets, bee puzzles


“Wolves team up with Wild at Heart”

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Thank you to the Sudbury Wolves​ for sponsoring one of our cages! Read the full Sudbury Star article here.

Main photo: Rod Jouppi, director of Wild At Heart; Monica Seidel, communications and operations manager with the refuge centre; and Andrew Dale, vice-president of marketing and development for the Sudbury Wolves, show off the Canidae Cage sponsored by the local OHL team on Tuesday. The canidae family includes timber wolves, coyotes and foxes. (Gino Donato/Sudbury Star)

You can help them in their mission to help animals in the Canidae family – foxes, coyotes, and wolves – by symbolically adopting a red fox today:

Adopt A: Red Fox



Wild at Heart is a Bee City Canada Bee Business!

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Wild at Heart’s pollinator garden has been accepted to the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s Backyard Habitat Certification program, and now as a Bee City Canada Bee Business! We are very excited about our partnership with Bee City Canada and looking forward to working together to bring greater awareness about how individuals and communities can make positive changes to help these incredible and essential insects and animals.

Adult Paint Night – August 16, 2018

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Join Wild at Heart, and local artist Debra Lynn Ireland, for an adults paint night! Adults (over 18 years old) will have the opportunity to paint one of the moose calves in our care (from a photograph) using acrylic under Debra’s instruction. All materials will be provided, and participants will be able to take their completed piece home with them. This paint night will take place in Wild at Heart’s education centre, and costs $40 per person. Spots are limited!

This event is proudly sponsored by Barrydowne Paint.

Artist Biography: Debra Lynn Ireland, is a local artist from the Beaver Lake community. Debra studied graphic design in Toronto and soon after began her career as a wildlife artist. Working with pencil, watercolour, acrylic and pastel her art is driven by a love of both nature and wildlife. Debra has been awarded and recognized by numerous organizations including Ducks Unlimited, Endangered Species Fund of Canada, and the Japan Wildlife Centre. She also donates her art locally, to Wild at Heart, Pet Save, SPCA, Sudbury Food Bank and many others. Debra has taught art classes for children and adults, usually with a wildlife theme, but prefers to have the student pick from their own inspiration.

View Debra’s website here.

GSPL education workshop tour: 2018 edition!

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Come check out Wild at Heart’s free education workshops at Greater Sudbury Public Library locations this summer:

August 1st – Lively branch 10:30am-11:30am

August 21st – Capreol branch 6:30-7:30pm

August 23rd – Dowling branch 1:30-2:30pm

August 24th – Main branch 10:30-11:30am


Can’t attend? Book your own education workshop here.


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Wild at Heart is in desperate need of a washer. Ours is broken, and we have animals that need linen for their cages! If you are able to donate a working washer, please email us (, or call us at 705-692-4478.

Surprise Fox Visit!

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“We released the little vixen that was taken to Wild at Heart a couple months back after capturing it due to severe mange – it would not have survived the brutal 6 weeks of winter ahead at that time. Thank you to your dedicated volunteers who are all so caring for our wildlife!

After Wild at Heart’s treatments and return to good health of an animal, we do ‘soft releases’, leaving a bit of food at or near the release site for a week or two to help the animal get ‘acquainted’ to being back in nature.

We always try to select suitable habitat away from built-up areas to give them a better chance of survival. We also try to set up a trail cam on the site to determine if the animal is coming to the food or what other wildlife appears. When we get fewer appearances of the released animal, we stop feeding. Sometimes they never come back to the release site; sometimes they return several times over the couple weeks then we stop feeding.

Using a trail camera, we got lots of pictures. I was scanning through and found quite a few of a healthy fox then found this one picture of 2 FOXES IN THE SAME FRAME!!! I am fairly certain that the recent release is the smaller one and the larger even healthier one is the one we released in the same area just last fall also after treatment for mange. Nice to see she found a friend!”

-Jim, Elliot Lake


You can support the recovery of future mangey, injured, orphaned, and emaciated foxes brought to Wild at Heart by symbolically adopting one here. Each package comes with a fact sheet, donation letter, artist card, volunteer-drawn photo (pictured below), and personalized certificate.