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Operating Hours: 9am-5pm, 7 days a week

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Lately we have had a number of individuals stopping at our Centre to try to look at our animals, with some people even trying to get into the cages. We will now be locking our front gate throughout the day and evening, and ask that everyone please respect that these are wild animals that are being rehabilitated – they are not for viewing. They are becoming more tame and stressed from the increase in human interaction, which will severely decrease their chances at thriving in the wild. Wild at Heart’s volunteers and staff kindly ask that you only visit our Centre if you have a wild animal to drop off, and that you look to our Facebook page, website, or YouTube channel to get a closer look at the animals in our care.

Thank you.

Congratulations, Luca!

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Congratulations to Luca Masetti, one of Wild at Heart’s full-time volunteer animal care interns from last year, for winning the United Way GenNext Volunteer Award for Animal Welfare. Luca is a Master’s graduate from Italy that came to Wild at Heart for hands-on experience with wildlife, and quickly became our evening shift leader. He, along with all of our interns, go above and beyond to ensure all our rehabilitating animals around-the-clock care, and the best chance at returning back to the wild. Great work, Luca!

Cubs group visits Wild at Heart

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Thank you to the Scouts Canada Cubs group for visiting our Centre May 29th! We had a great time with the group as we played animal trivia, learned about caring for orphaned wildlife, and gave a tour of some of the animals in our care! The group fundraised over $100 worth of materials which will be used for our animal care this summer – thank you!

Looking to book your own education workshop? Our workshops run for 1-2hrs, and are appropriate for ages 4+. We have a range of topics available, which you can view here.

CTV Northern Ontario visits Wild at Heart

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Thank you to CTV Northern Ontario for stopping by our Centre this past weekend to learn more about the work we do  rehabilitating northern Ontario’s sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife! CTV’s Molly Frommer spoke with our President & Founder, Dr. Rod Jouppi, and volunteer animal care intern Rachel Loewen, about what it will take to raise these two calves from infancy to a successful release.

You can help us give these two calves a second chance at a wild life! The two have bonded together well, and are just beginning to nibble on vegetation outside their enclosure. For now though, our main costs are formula ($100+/pail) and bedding ($10/bail). You can help us care for these two little ones by donating, or symbolically adopt a moose.

Watch the full CTV interview here. Photo by Wild at Heart’s Stephanie Delay.

TD Friends of the Environment Grant

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Wild at Heart would like to thank TD Friends of the Environment (TD FEF) for their recent grant of $3720 for education workshop materials. This grant is a huge help to Wild at Heart’s growing education outreach programming – we’ve boothed at community events like the Sudbury Gardening Festival and Roots & Shoots, and hosted workshops on- and off-site for senior’s groups, classrooms, summer camps, community groups, and birthday parties.

With this grant from TD FEF, Wild at Heart plans to purchase more materials for hands-on learning, including replica skulls, owl pellets, and Ozobots. These materials are easily transported for off-site workshops for those that can’t make it to our Centre in Lively, and are fun for all ages!

Book your own workshop here.

Learn more about TD FEF here.

New Admission: 2 Moose Calves!!

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It’s always a special experience for our volunteers and interns when Wild at Heart admits moose calves. Most volunteers have never seen a calf up close, and are able to work around-the-clock with these beautiful animals to give them the best chance at returning to the wild in the fall.

Symbolically adopting a moose helps us afford formula, pellets, and bedding – things we will be going through quickly with two young calves! Wild at Heart, and these young calves, thank you for your support:


Symbolically Adopt a Moose

Thank you, Lively D.S.S. shop class!

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Wild at Heart would again like to thank Lively D.S.S. shop class for donating over 15 animal nest boxes and bird feeders! The class took on the project of making various sized nest boxes and bird feeders for the animals we rehabilitate at the Centre. This is a huge help for the animals we care for, and also add some new items to our online gift shop.

Would you like to help Wild at Heart care for the hundreds of injured, orphaned, and sick wildlife we care for each year? Each spring we admit hundreds of orphaned wildlife, from mice, raccoons, foxes, and turtles. You can donate online here to help cover the costs of animal care food, medication and bedding.

Kids’ Paint Social Night!

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Join Wild at Heart, and local artist Debra Lynn Ireland, for a kids paint social night! Children ages 9-13 will have the opportunity to paint a raccoon using acrylic under Debra’s instruction. All materials will be provided, and children will be able to take their completed piece home with them. This paint social will take place in Wild at Heart’s education centre, and costs $25 per person. Spots are limited! All net proceeds will be donated to Wild at Heart.

Get your tickets here!

Artist Biography: Debra Lynn Ireland, is a local artist from the Beaver Lake community. Debra studied graphic design in Toronto and soon after began her career as a wildlife artist. Working with pencil, watercolour, acrylic and pastel her art is driven by a love of both nature and wildlife. Debra has been awarded and recognized by numerous organizations including Ducks Unlimited, Endangered Species Fund of Canada, and the Japan Wildlife Centre. She also donates her art locally, to Wild at Heart, Pet Save, SPCA, Sudbury Food Bank and many others. Debra has taught art classes for children and adults, usually with a wildlife theme, but prefers to have the student pick from their own inspiration.

Check out Debra’s website here.

1st Hazelmere Brownies – Education Workshop

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Thank you to the 1st Hazelmere Brownies for attending a workshop, tour, and game time at our Centre May 1st! We spent almost 90 minutes with the group, learning about the animals our Centre treats and helps raise, and then the girls got to see some of them in real life! The girls also raised $100 for our Centre – great work!

Would you like to book your own education workshop for your classroom, community groups, seniors’ club, or birthday party? Visit here for workshops, and here for birthday parties.