Ella needs your help!

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Our moose calf Ella broke her leg and we need your help. She was playing in her pen when she fell down, and her hind leg broke. We are driving her down to the Large Animal Clinic at the University of Guelph Veterinary College for surgery – it’s a complicated break and we need experts for the repair. There are some risks involved with the surgery, and the break is severe, but the veterinarians think there’s a decent chance that it will heal. We are determined to do our best to give her every chance to live a wild life again. Please keep Ella in your thoughts today and wish her good luck, she’s going to need it. The cost is estimated at $2,000, but it may be more. We need your help to cover these unexpected costs.

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    This is really nice to know. I hope it will be successful in the future. Good job on this and keep up the good work.

  • Mike

    Hats-off to the staff at WAHeart for the care and nurturing offered to this magnificent animal. I see from the update, her surgery was a success and she’s recouping nicely. Your 2016 calendar will grace the walls of numerous friends for Christmas; what I can afford to assist in paying Ella’s vet bill.
    Keep up the great and inspiring work!!!