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Wild at Heart Spring Fundraiser

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Yard Sale season is here!

It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning and weekend yard sales! We know yard sales can be hit-or-miss – so why not let us advertise your yard sale for you by promoting it to our 1400+ followers on Facebook?

We will post the date, time and location – and in return, we ask for a portion of your funds raised to be donated to Wild at Heart!

All funds donated to Wild at Heart are used for animal care, supplies, and towards public education!

If you’re interested, please send an email to with the date, location and time of your yard sale!

Loon Admissions: December 2008 – June 2017

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We always find it interesting to track the intakes of species over the years – where are they coming from, why are they admitted, and if we could release them back into the wild. From December 2008-June 2017, Wild at Heart admitted 16 Loons, of which 9 were released back into the wild! About half were admitted injured (legs, wings), while the other half were admitted because the loon had mistaken a road for a body of water. Once they landed on the pavement, they were unable to achieve flight again as loons need a long body of water to flap on before they fly (on account of their weight and odd body shape). These loons were examined, and once they were cleared by our staff, were returned to a large body of water near where they were found!

American Kestrel Admissions: July 2008 – June 2017

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We always find it interesting to track the intakes of species over the years – where are they coming from, why are they admitted, and if we could release them back into the wild. From July 2008-June 2017, Wild at Heart admitted 23 American Kestrels (pictured), of which 14 were released back into the wild! Many were orphaned, had injured wings, and some where hit by vehicles and planes.

Snowy Owl Paint Night Fun!

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Another great paint night led by local artist, Debra Lynn Ireland! Fourteen people attended the snowy owl painting night and we got 14 different and wonderful looking snowy owls!







Thank you to Debra and for everyone who attended our paint nights this year; what a success they were! We held four in 2018 – moose, red fox, raccoon, and snowy owl! We hope to host some more in 2019.

Click here to see the full photo album from the event.

Injured Bear Cub Admitted to Wild at Heart

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Over the weekend, Wild at Heart admitted a young black bear who had been hit by a train. Dr. Jouppi cleaned and sutured the head wound and the bear is now slowly eating wet foods on its own. We’re unsure what the final prognosis will be, but we are hopeful this bear will make a full recovery!
By symbolically adopting a bear, you help us cover the food and medical costs for this young cub while it stays at our Centre. Symbolic adoptions make great gifts, and you know your money will help us try to get this Northern Ontario icon back home to the wild. Help us help this little cub: adopt today.

Volunteer Holiday Party!

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Wild at Heart simply wouldn’t be able to operate without the help of our volunteers. Each year, we have individuals donate their talents and time to help with animal care, construction, education, gardening, and fundraising. Our volunteers are what make Wild at Heart such a special place to be a part of.

We kindly ask that you consider donating to Wild at Heart to help us continue rehabilitating Northern Ontario’s sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife into 2019. Click here to donate.


Crazy Duck Rescue!

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Thank you to Judy Miller (not pictured), Normand Raymond, Justin Morgan, and Shi Xiao Xue for spending over 2 hours to catch this duck!! With injuries to the lower part of its wing, it was still able to flap its wings, and walk around on the thin ice around Ramsey Lake, making it hard to catch! Now the duck is safely in our care where it can take time to recover. Thank you, Justin, for calling our Centre for help! If you find an animal in distress, please call our Centre at 705-692-4478.

You can help this duck’s recovery by donating here.

Our PD Day was AWESOME!

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What a great PD Day at Wild at Heart! Fourteen children ages 7-14 attended to learn about Wild at Heart, Northern Ontario owl species, pollinator species, and use Ozobots! Thank you to Delta Bingo and Gaming and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for supporting this event.







Students learn about Northern Ontario owl species, like the Great Horned Owl, and Saw Whet Owl.







Dissecting owl pellets and drawing food webs!







Making posters to encourage people to protect different animal species (left and below), and getting Ozobots to act as pollinators and get from one flower to another using different code patterns.