Babies: Wildlife-Human Conflict

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BABY ALERT! As the warmer weather arrives, you may discover a wildlife family has taken up residence in your attic, shed, or boat!

BOATERS – before moving your boat from one location to the next, make sure to check all compartments inside for baby animals. If you find any, place them in a box nearby, give them a bit of space and time, and the mother will be able to take them to another safe spot. This is especially true for squirrels, as the mothers make multiple nests.

HOME OWNERS – if you find a family of raccoons in your attic or shed, you can scare them away without the need for a pest control company or trapping the mother. For 2-3 days, make the site uncomfortable for the mother – you can leave a radio playing, have lights shining on the area, making noises (banging pots), and hanging plastic bags with rags and apple cider vinegar in them. Make sure to be persistent. When you do these things, the mother feels unsafe and will move her babies to another location. Make sure to give her time to move all of her babies before sealing up the entrance way!

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