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Snapping Turtle: Wild at Heart "Species Spotlight"

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As a non profit organization (registered charity: 857767206RR0001), Wild at Heart depends on the generosity of our community to continue our mission to professionally treat wildlife and educate about human-wildlife interactions. Your support helps us to treat over 900 wild animals annually by purchasing specialized formula, nutrient-rich diets, quality medical supplies, new equipment, and much more. Without you, Wild at Heart would not be here today. Thank you for your continued support! All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt, sent once a year by post mail.

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Upcoming Initiatives

Symbolically adopt a moose or donate today to help us care for our two new orphaned moose calves! These two will be with us into the winter months, and with formula pails costing $200 each, pellet bags costing $60 each, and medications and bedding needed, these two will be quite the undertaking for Wild at Heart. Thank you for partnering with us!

Book your Wild at Heart education workshop today! We love talking about all sorts of animals, like turtles, mammals, birds, or veterinary care in general! It’s only $5/attendee no matter how long your workshop is. Book here.

Become a Wild at Heart member! Support Wild at Heart, and gain behind-the-scenes access to animal photos and videos, live streams (coming summer 2018), invites to members-only events, and receive our quarterly newsletter (sample pictured).

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We are currently caring for:

  • 40 Raccoons
  • 3 Moose Calves
  • 1 Striped Skunk
  • 12 Red Squirrels
  • 5 Grey Squirrels
  • 7 Snowshoe Hares
  • 1 White-Tailed Deer
  • 1 Painted Turtle
  • 1 Blanding's Turtle
  • 1 Snapping Turtle
  • 1 Barred Owl
  • 7 Pigeons
  • 2 Ravens
  • 1 Crow
  • 1 Merganser
  • 7 Goslings

Donate a vehicle, RV, boat,  or motorcycle for recycling or auction through Donate A Car Canada with proceeds benefiting Wild at Heart: https://donatecar.ca/org/donate.php?charitypage=WildAtHeartWildlifeRefuge