Welcome to the Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre!

As a non profit organization, Wild at Heart depends on the generosity of our community to continue our mission to professionally treat wildlife and educate about human-wildlife interactions. Your support helps us to treat nearly 800 wild animals annually by purchasing specialized formula, nutrient-rich diets, quality medical supplies, new equipment, and much more. Without you, Wild at Heart would not be here today. Thank you for your continued support! 



We need your help to spread the word that the vast majority of raccoons that are found inhabiting attics, garages, sheds, etc, are mammas caring for a litter of newborn babies.


Wild at Heart receives numerous raccoon babies every year that have been unknowingly orphaned by homeowners trapping and relocating the “mamma” raccoon.  Usually several days later a litter of screaming desperately hungry raccoon kits is discovered.  


You can help by explaining to such homeowners that there are ways to encourage “mamma” to move out with her brood ON HER OWN.  By contacting Wild at Heart at 705-692-4478, we can advise effective methods of encouraging mamma to relocate her den site where she can safely raise her family without interfering with the human occupants in her territory.  


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Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre, Lively


Wild at Heart Wildlife Refuge Centre
95 White Road
Lively, ON, P3Y 1C3
Telephone: (705) 692-4478


Advancing the health and well being of our wildlife, community and natural environment.


Wild at Heart Refuge Centre will promote wildlife conservation by providing veterinary care and rehabilitation to injured, sick or orphaned wildlife in Northern Ontario with the goal of releasing rehabilitated animals back into the wild.

In addition, we will have a strong focus on community education, volunteers, student interns and media events to increase the understanding of wildlife issues.

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