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Snapping Turtle: Wild at Heart "Species Spotlight"

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As a non profit organization (registered charity: 857767206RR0001), Wild at Heart depends on the generosity of our community to continue our mission to professionally treat wildlife and educate about human-wildlife interactions. Your support helps us to treat over 900 wild animals annually by purchasing specialized formula, nutrient-rich diets, quality medical supplies, new equipment, and much more. Without you, Wild at Heart would not be here today. Thank you for your continued support! All donations over $20 will receive a tax receipt, sent once a year by post mail.

Go Fund Me campaign - #GetWildlifeHome

#GetWildlifeHome: as Wild at Heart admits hundreds of animals this year, our goal is to rehabilitate them and get them back into the wild. Will you make a tax-deductible donation today to help us get these little ones back home? View our Go Fund Me campaign here.

#GetWildlifeHome - Wild at Heart

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Upcoming Initiatives

Symbolically adopt a moose or donate today to help us care for our three new orphaned moose calves! These three will be with us into the winter months, and with formula pails costing $200 each, pellet bags costing $60 each, and medications and bedding needed, these calves will be quite the undertaking for Wild at Heart. Thank you for partnering with us!

Now accepting interns from August – December 2018

Gain valuable hands-on experience rehabilitating Northern Ontario’s wildlife by interning at our Centre for 2-6 months! Limited free, on-site accommodations are available. Send your cover letter and resume to monica@wahrefugecentre.org – applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Book your Wild at Heart education workshop today! We love talking about all sorts of animals, like turtles, mammals, birds, or veterinary care in general! It’s only $5/attendee, no matter how long your workshop is. Book here.

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We are currently caring for:

  • 40 Raccoons
  • 3 Moose Calves
  • 4 Striped Skunks
  • 12 Red Squirrels
  • 5 Grey Squirrels
  • 4 Snowshoe Hares
  • 1 White-Tailed Deer
  • 1 Painted Turtle
  • 1 Blanding's Turtle
  • 1 Snapping Turtle
  • 7 Pigeons
  • 4 Ravens
  • 1 Crow
  • 7 Goslings
  • 9 Ducklings

Donate a vehicle, RV, boat,  or motorcycle for recycling or auction through Donate A Car Canada with proceeds benefiting Wild at Heart: https://donatecar.ca/org/donate.php?charitypage=WildAtHeartWildlifeRefuge